南部菱刺し(なんぶひしざし) Nambu Diamond Embroidery


Nambu Diamond Embroidery originated some 200 years ago in the Nambu Region, chiefly in the Hachinohe area. At that time, farmers only wore clothes made of hemp or ramie, and cloth was used primarily as thread. To survive the harsh living conditions of the north country, women from the farming villages then began to stitch cotton thread into the hemp cloth in necessary places to reinforce the fabric and retain warmth. This craft continues to be produced to this day.
The diamond embroidery is characterized by colorful geometric patterns of long horizontal diamond shapes such as ‘plum flower’ and ‘pheasant feet’, which are made by using even-numbered stitches through the hemp fabric.
Currently, fabrics other than hemp, such as cotton or wool, are used to make new products like ties and tapestries.

文章・画像提供元:青森県庁HP 青森県伝統工芸品

“Nambu Diamond Embroidery” characterized by beautiful and colorful geometric patterns such as plum flower and walnut. (画像提供:青森県)



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