南部姫毬(なんぶひめまり) Nambu Hime Mari (Princess Ball)


This much-loved toy originated in the Heian period (794-1192).
The base of the Nambu Hime Mari is made from cotton, bracken, and the dried husks of rice and buckwheat. Cotton is wrapped around the core, and colored thread is woven around to create the base shade. Other colors are then added in a diamond or triangular pattern to form this type of bright and colorful embroidery.
Patterns, such as ‘Shippo’ (seven treasures), ‘Ungen’ (multi-layered gradation of one or more colors), and ‘Sokaku-jupo’ (two cranes, ten treasures), which are found on tatami mat borders and other patterns associated with nobility, are arranged to create colorful, geometric designs.

文章・画像提供元:青森県庁HP 青森県伝統工芸品

まるで平安朝の十二単を身にまとった姫のような「南部姫毬」 Nambu Hime Mari – just like a Heian period princess wearing a ceremonial kimono. (画像提供:青森県)